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YES Amy! send me a copy of your Mind Makeover e-book, including INSTANT ACCESS to all of the bonus material!

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This 129-page e-book tackles the root of why dating success can be so elusive: our "inner game," or the mindset we bring to our love life. Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs can either support you or sabotage you, and this book outlines clearly how changing your thinking can change your life.

I also understand, that because I'm ordering before 4th July, 2020, I get a 25% discount, plus the bonuses below FOR FREE!

The REAL Women REAL Love Guide to Affirmations

Find out what affirmations are, how they work, how to use them, and how to create your own. Then practice these 14 beautifully illustrated affirmations to bring real magic into your life.

The Secret to A Happy Relationship

This powerful advice can transform your relationship. Practice it conscientously to ensure that the man you find stays in love with you each and every day, for the rest of your life.

Living with Him: What To Know Before You Move In

If you're thinking about moving in with him, get this e-book before to make sure you do it right. Be prepared for how living together will impact your relationship.

Quotes to Live By

A fantastic mini-book chockfull of quotes that will help you get over a breakup, understand marriage, inspire you to live the best life possible, and find the true meaning of love.

Let's Talk about Love

Get answers to your most-asked questions, including why worrying doesn’t solve any problems, why trying too hard to be sexy can backfire, how attraction works, the easiest way to make a man happy and how to know if he’s “The One”.

Step-by-Step Guide to...

Plus a very special unadvertised bonus - you'll have to get inside to find out what it is!

Limited Time Bonus (Optional): Yes Amy! Please also give me my first edition of your Amazing Self Series for FREE ($37 value).


I understand that with Amazing Self, each month I'll discover more powerful ways to becoming the best possible version of myself on a physical, mental and interpersonal level. I'll uncover secrets to long term love life success, I'll learn how to achieve virtually any goal in life that I set for myself AND I'll become an inspiration to men whom I'm interested in dating and other people in my life.

I understand that there is no other product on the market like this, and that after my one month free trial I will be charged $37 per month for every new issue for as long as I decide to remain a member. I can easily cancel my membership at any time.

Finally, I understand that my Mind Makeover purchase is fully covered by your personal, risk-free, no questions asked 8-week 100% money-back GUARANTEE! If I'm not satisfied for any reason, or it doesn't live up to my expectations, I won't be out one red cent. I can just send an email and I will be refunded my payment. Right up to the final day of this 8 week guarantee.

I also understand that my card will be charged by Clickbank/Keynetics.

Product Description:   MIND MAKEOVER: How Inner Game Gets the Guy
instant download + bonus material
Price:   $49.95 $37
Subscription: Amazing Self Series
Price: First month free, then $37 per month


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